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The cornerstone of the DD Dragon English teaching program is our range of textbooks, which come in four series: DD Dragon For Beginners, English With DD Dragon, DD Dragon And The Mythic Ring, and DD Dragon Phonics Books. All were designed and written by Steven Molteno, and published by DD Dragon Educational Organization in both Kaohsiung and Shanghai.

Because the DD Dragon teaching materials were designed by a teacher using actual classroom situations as a testing ground, DD Dragon teachers will find the textbooks very user-friendly. New vocabulary and grammar are introduced in the correct order and at the correct pace. The aim of the DD Dragon materials is not to bombard students with complicated words or sentence patterns, but to gradually add to what they already know, thus allowing them to maintain their self-confidence while still improving rapidly.

Another unique feature of the DD Dragon books is the way in which the lessons are interwoven with one long exciting story using lovable characters. Throughout the series we follow the life of DD Dragon as he grows up on his little island, gets carried away by a typhoon to the city, where he makes friends with a boy called Tom before they set off together on an amazing adventure that takes them to the magical land of Amythica. By making use of this gripping story the DD Dragon books succeed in engaging the students' minds, thus making the introduction of new vocabulary and grammar more palatable.

1. DD Dragon For Beginners

Target Age: 3 to 6 years old

Since children of this age cannot yet read, emphasis is placed on learning the alphabet as well as sentence formation. Chants are used not only to drill the phonetic alphabet, but also to increase fluency. Important new vocabulary is introduced on each page, as are basic grammatical structures. Furthermore, each book contains numerous songs to practice all new grammar and vocabulary. While teaching this series students are gradually taught how to write the alphabet, and finally how to read and write simple words .

Complementary to the Series:

A. DD Dragon For Beginners Workbooks
Not only do these books reinforce the lessons learnt in class, they also increase vital cognitive skills such as hand-eye coordination and logic. To increase their appeal to young learners, colorful stickers are also included.
B. Language Cassettes and CDs
These enable the students to practice at home all the grammar, vocabulary, chants and songs in the textbooks.

2. English With DD Dragon

Target Age: 6 to 14 years

This series differs from DD Dragon For Beginners in that there is a structured introduction of ever more complicated grammar. The first book of the series starts off by equipping students with sufficient vocabulary (over 300 words) and the necessary grammar to communicate in simple English with their teacher and classmates. Students are taught how to make simple grammatically correct sentences using the verbs “am”, “is”, “are” and “have”. In the second book, more emphasis is placed on the grammatical rules governing sentence formation in the present tense (eg. “He is running now” vs. “He likes to run” vs. “He runs every day”). By the end of the third book, all the simple verb tenses have been dealt with, and enough adjectives, adverbs and pronouns have been taught to enable students to communicate freely in English.

Complementary to the Series:
A. English With DD Dragon Workbooks
To be used either as homework, during class, or as tests.
B. Language Cassettes and CDs
To allow students to practice in their own time the lessons covered in class.
C. Flashcards
To provide the teacher with an excellent method of drilling new vocabulary, as well as reviewing spelling.
D. Vocabulary Cards
These cards, identical to the Flashcards only smaller, are given to students to allow them to review new vocabulary at home.
E. Teachers Guides
To allow the teacher to be fully prepared for each day's lessons, and to recommend teaching methods and games.

3. DD Dragon And The Mythic Ring

Target Age: 6 to 14 years

This series of storybooks was designed to encourage children to read English of their own accord. The story is fast, gripping and well illustrated. For each textbook in the English With DD Dragon series, there are two accompanying DD Dragon And The Mythic Ring storybooks, which means that there is one page of storybook for every page of textbook. The storybooks' vocabulary and grammar follow closely that of the textbooks, making the storybooks the perfect way to review the lessons in the textbooks.

Complementary to the Series:
Language Cassettes and CDs, in which actors and sound effects add atmosphere to the story as it unfolds.

4. DD Dragon Phonics Books

Target Age: 5 to 10 years old

This series starts off by familiarizing students with the phonetic alphabet, and goes on to teach the various phonetic patterns created when combinations of letters are used together. Dictation tests are included throughout the series, as are games to spice up the teaching, most noteworthy being those involving the alphabet cards.

Complementary to the Series:
A. Language Cassettes and CDs
Either to be used during class, at home, or for testing.
B. Phonics Cards
Showing the letters of the alphabet or new spelling words.


We at DD Dragon Education Organization maintain that the best way to bring about education is through mental stimulation, not rote learning, and we have designed our materials to that end.

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